Simmer Frugal 77 Quad Demo

Simmer Frugal 77 Quad Demo

Simmer Frugal Quad New Style Wave board

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The Frugal is a new style of waveboard, inspired from recent development in the surfing world. If you have been looking in envy at how world class surfers can adapt between different turning styles and how they can use so many different parts of the wave, the Frugal is your solution.


The Frugal is an extremely reactive board with a tight turning radius. It responds very sensitively to the riders input and prefers an active, energetic sailing style. Then it can put you in places on the wave that you just can not reach on a traditional wave board. The Frugal is a versatile board which can be tuned to perform well in all conditions from onshore wind waves to  down the line ground swell type conditions.

volumelengthwidthfinsfin boxes
66 210 55 2 x BT130 + 2 x BT110 5 x slot box
77 210 56.5 2 x BT130 + 2 x BT110 5 x slot box
88 214 59.8 2 x BT140 + 2 x BT110 5 x slot box
99 216 62.5 2 x BT150 + 2 x BT120 5 x slot box

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