Goya Super Skinny 24,5mm Pro Wide Tail bomis

Goya Super Skinny 24,5mm Pro Wide Tail bomis

Goya Super tievais 24,5mm Karbona bomis ar plato aizmuguri.


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Super Skinny Pro

Minimal Diameter Boom

24.5 millimeters. You wanted it. We wanted it. There you have it. The Skinny Pro. Our top of the line ergonomic high performance boom.

The Skinny Pro comes as a full prepreg carbon monocoque body and extension. Its 24.5 mm diameter takes grip reduction one step further. One step more comfortable. One step more in control. It’s hard to get Marcilio, Levi and Loick on anything else these days. And they knows their toys and tools.

This boom is about as stiff and strong as you can get in the market, nay in carbon technology at large. Double pin locking guarantees a firm fit and ample load distribution between the boom body and the boom extension. This boom is a no compromise high performance product and features modern wide and stiff tail ends. Built with 33msi pre-preg carbon.

Available in 180, 190, 200 centimeters.

Adaptor allows use with RDM and SDM masts.

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